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News Aritcles on Benefit Concert MTCE

I ran across the following news articles on the benefit concert "Mua Thu Cho Em 15". It was written in Vietnamese but I will try to translate to share with you. I am using Google translate so I hope it make sense. :) You can also read the original articles at:

The translated version are as follows:

Concert 'Fall Season for the Children' for Fund Raising and Charitable Event VNHELP
The fund raising concert organized by the charitable organization VNHelp is to be held on Saturday Star 12-09-09 at Performing Art Center. Once again, music enthusiast from Orange County Southern California gather for a chance to enjoy the concert entitled "Mua Thu Cho Em" (MTCE) organized by the charitable organization VNHELP.

VNHELP a longstanding charitable organization based in San Jose, specializing in helping poor people in Viet Nam with practical programs such as scholarships for poor students, school construction, clean water for poor, programs for micro loans to the poor in Vietnam.

This year is the 15th MTCE program to be held in San Jose, but only the 4th held in Southern California. The debut concert was held in Orange county three years ago with musician Nguyen Anh 9, Anh Tuyet and Nam Dong Ke. For this year, the music program includes musicians: Phu Quang Ngoc Anh, and on Tuesday night in Orange County released the group from the group AC & M. MTCE fans have been viewed as the premier the charity program among the professional organizations. MTCE audience not only to support the charitable project from VNHELP and see its meaning, but also to enjoy a music program valuable.

This year's MTCE year held in Little Saigon, the audience will have music program include the popular singers: the vocals Duc Tuan, Duc Huy, Ngoc Anh, Minh Tuyet ...

Young singer Duc Tuan will be debuting for the first time in the United States exclusively for VNHELP. MTCE in San Jose last year had captured the imagination and hearts of the audience. Duc Tuan's vocal young yet skilled vocals connects with the audience. Audiences can also enjoy the pre-war music by Pham Duy, Van Cao, Pham Dinh Chuong ... With songs like Kiep Do Have love (Pham only), English Civil Chai (Pham Dinh Chuong), Music Of The Night (Andrew L Weber), audiences will recognize the growth of this artist.

Duc Huy's is known for many songs he composed in the genre reminiscent of yester year. Young audiences in Vietnam and abroad, before and after 1975 have enjoyed listening to his music. Works including Bay Sea Birds Take Wing, and I Just Love You, and The Fun Back Heart has found its own place in the history of Duc Huy Music. He is not only just a musician but also an artist who has captured the sympathy of the audience when they appear on stage with finger MTCE wonderful guitar, the words to communicate the "real forest" with wit and charm. Certainly he will capture the excitement among the attendance during his performance in Southern California.

Singer Ngoc Anh had to settle in Orange County since 2008. She began participating in music programs in the United States, and the fans referred to her Vietnamese voice overseas. She is known for songs to Hanoi, the city's hometown.. MTCE program featuring Ngoc Anh will present a number of famous music composers Quang Phu and other authors.

Probably the most special is performance will be Minh Tuyet. She was a student at the University of Berkeley and also the lead singer of the band Phoenix at San Jose in the '80s. Although her career has been in academia with Master Mechanical engineering, and was the Vice President and Director of Vega Vista Inc., Schlumberger LLC, Lockheed Martin Corp.), she remained passionate about her singing. After a long absence on stage for hard work throughout the world, she now stopped, returned to the stage to share her love. Singing as a close friends with musician Duc Huy, Minh Tuyet, she has recently performed with Duc Huy in some intimate sessions in San Jose. The MTCE program this year in Southern California, including Tuyet Minh and Duc Huy performances will capture the hearts of audiences this year.

Tickets are sold at Bolsa Ticket (714 418 2499) and The Book of Self (714 531 5290),

Interviewed with Thu Do Anh - VNHELP: "The poor need clean water"

Coming September 12, at Star City Performing Arts Center Fountain Valley, VNHELP Organization will feature a fundraising event for clean water supply program for the poor in Vietnam. On this special occasion, Ms. Anh Thu Do, CEO of VNHELP visited the was interviewed by Dinh Quat.

- Dinh Quat: there are many volunteer organizations to help the poor in Vietnam within the Vietnamese community in America . In what environment was VNHELP was among the Vietnam community?

- Do Anh Thu: VNHELP was established in 1991 in San Francisco Bay area and San Jose by a Vietnamese American. In the early 90s, people in Vietnam faced many difficulties. We learned about the circumstances through the experience of brothers and sisters among our volunteers that came to the United States as mail and photos from family and relatives from Vietnam were sent over. Vietnamese who love their ancestral home town could not ignore what was happening and came together to establish VNHELP in efforts to bring humanitarian assistance to the poor in the area of health and education.

The main objective of VNHELP was to assist the children, youth and local organizations (grass root organizations) that are financially poor but capable of helping us.

- Dinh Quat: VNHELP's program: "Clean water supply for the poor"; is a tremendous responsibility for the government in assistance with international organizations. Was VNHELP the started this funding?

- Do Anh Thu: Program "Water for the Poor" has been initiated VNHELP year 2009. In Vietnam, apart from the big cities which had clean water systems, many rural areas have no clean water systems. People in these areas are still using water ponds or wells which are seriously polluted. A number of international organizations operating in Vietnam in this area with a budget of several million dollars. VNHELP works on one project to clean water is a program by the World Bank (World Bank) funded and implemented by The East Meets West, to provide water to 75 villages in the provinces of Quang Nam, Quang Binh and Quang Tri, with about 30,000 families or 150,000 people. This program provides sources of clean water, building water filter tank, setting up the system of pipes for the village. Also from plumbing into the house of the people to pay (the goal is to create the cooperation of local communities). Approximately 80% of people in the provinces mentioned above have the ability to contribute financially to bring water to their homes, 20% of poverty do not have funds to contribute and will continue to use contaminated water. VNHELP decided to join together with the efforts of The East Meets West organization to help the poor people. VNHELP became part of the general health system funding which provide water for village's poorest families with costs range from 20 to 25 dollars per family.

VNHELP funds obtained from the contributions from many individual benefactors; include contributions of 200 dollars from individuals and organizations to install water pipe for 10 families and people were responding. In particular, VNHELP was funded by the Chen Family Charitable Foundation and the Rotary Club of San Jose for 1.200 families of this year.

- Dinh Quat: Does VNHELP have statistics on families in Vietnam to provide clean water?

- Do Anh Thu: In Vietnam, over 250,000 people each year have severe diarrhea in hospital due to the use of dirty water. According to UNICEF estimates, about 44% of children have parasites, so Vietnam is one of the countries that is rate as one of highest Southeast Asian region with children malnutrition. An estimate of Vietnam Ministry of Health in 2005 said that only 18% of families in the rural target with hygiene standards are not harmful to groundwater. So far this number has also been improved. Clean water in Vietnam has been a matter of urgency.

- Dinh Quat: How can you tell the fundraising efforts by VNHELP work?

- Do Anh Thu: VNHELP volunteers work hard throughout the year through March to continue to make good progress in Vietnam and finding funds for the project. We earnestly call the help of benefactors. Most recently we held an annual fundraising program "Mua Thu Cho Em", a program of musical performances. This program took place in San Jose for 15 consecutive years and is being performed for the fourth year in Orange County, on Saturday, September 12, at 7:30 PM, at Star Performing Arts Center, Fountain Valley. Among the artists participated include: Duc Tuan, Duc Huy, Ngoc Anh, Minh Tuyet, the band "The Friends". All proceeds raise will be used for humanitarian projects of VNHELP, including the program "Water for the Poor." Please support and attend "Mua Thu Cho Em" concert and join the volunteer VNHELP to bring humanitarian assistance to the poor in Vietnam. I invite you to buy tickets early to share the spirit of the volunteer organization. Tickets are currently sold in bookstores and Self Bolsa Tickets. I invites you to join VNHELP home page to learn more about organizations and projects (, 408-586-8100).

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Who are Performing at Mua Thu Cho Em Concert?

It has been fifteen years since VNHELP has been organizing this cultural concert with proceeds going to help needy children and educational programs in Vietnam. I recall attending one of my first concerts in Mountain View many years ago. It was smaller at the time with concert Pianist. The program has grown since those days now with a cast of singers is performed both Southern California and Bay Area. This year, it is scheduled to be at two locations:
  • Star Performing Arts Center
    Fountain Valey, CA
    September 12, 2009
  • Santa Clara Convention Center Theater
    Santa Clara, CA
    September 19, 2009

I always enjoy listening to a wide variety of artist ranging from newer performers who are up and coming or stars of today along with performers who have a rich cultural heritage dating before the pivotal 1975.

I have to admit, that I came to the states in 75 and as a young child, I developed a passion for American pop music and know very little of Vietnamese music. Since my Vietnamese is not fluent and the poetic lyrics of this music with its eloquent symbolic references made it difficult for me to fully appreciate at first. As I get more exposure to these artists and their music, I begin to see how the melancholy sounds does represent the Vietnamese American experience and I do have a connection with it. I can only recall vaguely when I was very young growing up in Saigon when my mom would have this reel to reel player playing during all the hours of the day these wonderful music. I remember trying to decipher its meaning and asking my mom why one song the woman sings about wanting to see her lover while the next song she sings about never wanting to seeing him again. It was this naïve view of human relations that I perceived the music from a 6 year old view that I am once again being re-introduced to this music.

When I saw the list of artist being performed, I started to search to see what their music sounded like. I am searching by their names and I am realizing sometimes there may multiple artists with the same or similar names. I am going to check with some of my Vietnamese friends who are true aficionados to confirm but here is my first playlist which I put together which you can listen to at:

I performed further research finding the artist biographies and pictures which I will share with you below.

  • Tuyet Minh

  • Duc Huy
  • Duc Tuan
  • Ngoc Anh

  • Khanh Ly

    I have documented this on my page at: I hope this interesting. If you wish to join me at the concert, you can contact VNHELP or reserve the tickets from me below and I will save a good seat for you. I am requesting for seating charts but currently, I just know there are four sections with the prices as noted in the button below.


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